Should Dermatologists Have a Blog?

Should Dermatologists Have a Blog?

YES, blogging and vlogging can be powerful ways to gain exposure, stand out, and reach new audiences across several channels.

Here are a handful of reasons why, with a quick rundown of how blogging versus vlogging work.

What Is a Blog vs. a Vlog?

Blogs are online text-focused, written content that share stories, advice, tips, recipes, answers, and more. With a conversational tone, photos, and/or comments, blogs can serve as journals, resources, and even communities. They’re typically featured on personal and business websites.

Vlogs or video-logs are essentially the video version of a blog. While they may appear with a bit of descriptive language, vlogs largely rely on the recorded footage — not written content — to tell the story and share information. Vlogs are commonly featured on websites, as well as third-party platforms, like YouTube.

Top 3 Ways Blogging & Vlogging Can Benefit Dermatology PR

Whether a dermatology PR strategy involves blogging and/or vlogging, the following shares the top three ways blogs and vlogs can benefit dermatology practices.

1. SEO & Organic Search

Blogs and vlogs have the power to drive:

  • Rankings for keywords
  • Organic traffic to a dermatologist’s website
  • Algorithms to keep returning to a site and crawling for new content to rank and feature

All of that means that blogs and vlogs can be used to position dermatology websites better in an organic search queries. That can expose dermatologists to new audiences. And if the blogs and vlogs are well-crafted and deliver valuable information, those new audiences can quickly become loyal followers (and maybe even new clients).

2. Social Reach & Engagement

Blogs and vlogs provide great fodder for social media, giving dermatologists items to readily post and share with followers. With options to like, comment, and share on social media, blogs and vlogs can:

  • Be shared on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and/or elsewhere
  • Reach wider audiences, outside of those who know about your brand and/or find your dermatology practice via organic search

Keep in mind that the more and more your content is seen through these channels, the more authority, visibility, and credibility you can gain. That’s especially true if you:

  • Respond to your audience in the comments
  • Post on social media regularly, frequently, and predictably
  • Offer “insider” or expert information that people find useful (and that they can’t find elsewhere)

3. Thought Leadership & Authority

Blogs and vlogs let dermatologists share their valuable professional expertise in easy-to-digest segments focused on specific issues, needs, or goals. That offers a unique opportunity for dermatologists to showcase their experiences, knowledge, and insights in a way that folks can usually only get inside an actual practice.

As that happens, dermatologists can distinguish themselves as thought leaders and true experts in their field. That can go a long way towards standing out and becoming the go-to dermatologist in your area, state, or even beyond.

Blogging & Vlogging for Dermatologists: The Bottom Line

When it comes to blogs and vlogs for dermatology practices, the bottom line is that there’s no denying the power and reach of this content in today’s world. There’s also no denying that many dermatologists — new and established — have a lot going on, and blogging/vlogging is probably the last thing they’d like to add to their list.

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