Influencer Marketing for Dermatologists: Why & How to Get It Right

Influencer marketing can be a game-changer for new and established dermatology practices. From getting your brand noticed to becoming the local dermatologist of choice, influencer marketing has the power to take any dermatologist’s PR — as well as their authority, new leads, and overall client base — to the next level.

This insider guide, created by KMR Communications, a top dermatology PR firm, explains how dermatologists can leverage influencer marketing to grow their visibility, their practice, and their profits.

What & Who Are Influencers?

To understand how and why influencer marketing for dermatologists works, first, it’s key to have a solid understanding of what an influencer is and what exactly these social media specialists do.

An influencer is someone who actively engages followers while shaping, changing, or guiding followers’ buying decisions. Consequently, that means that influencers are generally people who:

  • Are knowledgeable about a specific niche
  • Have a strong social media presence and following
  • Know how to create fresh content and share insightful opinions routinely
  • Are skilled at promoting brands in a way that generates interest and action among their followers

Dermatology influencers can come from several backgrounds, driving both awareness and action among audiences that may be difficult to reach otherwise. Specifically, those influencers can include (and many not be limited to): 

  • Beauticians
  • Cosmetologists
  • Local and/or national celebrities
  • Mommy bloggers
  • Skincare product salespeople
  • Photographers
  • Health and wellness experts
  • Those who know about and are passionate about skin health, skin care issues and/or skin care products

What Is Influencer Marketing for Dermatologists?

Dermatology influencer marketing refers to the partnership between a brand (a dermatologist or a practice) and an influencer to promote that brand on social media.

Think of it like a subtle, targeted endorsement.

Influencer marketing for dermatologists can be highly effective at driving awareness and action because of the trust an influencer has with his, her, or their audience.

Depending on the needs and goals of a campaign, influencer marketing can also involve:

  • One or more influencers
  • Multiple social media platforms
  • Online and off-line channels
  • Fresh, routine content creation over an extended period of time

How to Improve Dermatology Influencer Marketing: 5 Tips

Whether you’ve dabbled in influencer marketing for your dermatology practice — or you’re totally new to this area of marketing and PR for dermatologists — here are some tips that can help you improve your efforts and get better results:

  1. Set your budget first.

  2. Think about your expectations and objectives for things like posting frequency, content type and length, and accountability for uploading posts on-time.

  3. Consider the primary message(s) you want to communicate and how you want that to come across in terms of tone (e.g., urgency, relief, excitement, educational, etc.).

  4. Pinpoint your goals and how you will measure them.

  5. Reach out to influencers who are a good match for what you do and who you’d like to attract to your dermatology practice — or contact an experienced dermatology PR firm who can handle it all for you.

Find Out More from a Top Dermatology PR Firm: Contact KMR Communications

At KMR Communications, we know that there are no limits to the reach and visibility dermatologists can achieve with well-thought-out, creative PR campaigns, including those that strategically leverage influencer marketing.

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