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Elevate your healthcare practice to unprecedented heights with KMR Communications, a leading healthcare PR agency that specializes in catapulting medical professionals into the spotlight. We help corporations and individuals get featured on a wide spectrum of platforms encompassing TV, online/web, radio, podcasts, influencers, and newspapers. Our unparalleled expertise in media relations, digital marketing, and medical communications crafts a narrative that not only resonates with your audience but also establishes your practice as a pinnacle of excellence in the healthcare industry. Every KMR client receives the utmost personal attention from the CEO and senior management.


Comprehensive Healthcare PR Solutions

KMR Communications is a healthcare PR agency that offers complete, top-notch media coverage for healthcare professionals’ public relations and medical communication needs. From online magazines and articles to expert commentary, KMR Communications places its clients at the top of healthcare marketing with the right PR exposure. We have exceptional media relations and public affairs resources and a database of editors and producers with whom we’ve built excellent relationships over the years. 

Social Media and Influencer Engagement

We have a strong social media presence with one of the highest X followers (previously Twitter) among healthcare PR agencies. We are tied to celebrities, media personalities, and key influencers who help shape public information which separates us from other medical communications agencies.

Expertise in Medical Terminology and Communications

As a PR firm with over two decades of healthcare industry experience in medical PR and the representation of dentists, dermatologists, plastic and cosmetic surgeons, psychiatrists, and psychologists, KMR has a firm grasp of medical terminology and scientific communications, which helps us explain procedures and treatments in lay terms for the media. Our medical writers adhere to FDA guidelines and make certain all healthcare communications and medical affairs follow the necessary codes of ethics and conduct.

Tailored Medical PR Strategy & Campaigns

Your medical PR campaign will be customized to suit your content marketing needs and strategy. We secure top-tier national press, which establishes credibility and aligns your name and practice with prestigious media outlets on a national level. KMR also understands the value of securing local media coverage to drive new patients and maintain or establish your medical practice as the go-to cosmetic dentist, plastic and cosmetic surgeon, psychiatrist, and psychologist.

Trusted Healthcare Public Relations Firm

Contact our medical PR agency to learn how PR, digital marketing, and other marketing tactics can establish your practice as being the highest echelon in your area. With over two decades of experience, you can trust our healthcare public relations firm.


Healthcare PR miami
Healthcare PR miami
Healthcare PR
Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons
Healthcare PR miami
Psychiatrists and Psychologists

"I engaged KMR Communications to perform public relations for my Las Vegas oculo-facial plastic surgery practice. I am Board Certified by the American Osteopathic Board of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery and a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. I completed my graduate studies at Columbia University in New York before attending medical school in Miami, Florida.

I was and am keenly aware that in order to remain competitive and take my practice to the next level that I needed to engage a NYC public relations firm with the media clout, connections, and creativity to help me achieve my goals. After doing extensive research on New York City public relations firms who maintained a niche in medical PR, I met with and joined the roster of KMR clients. It is a decision I have been delighted with.

I have been extremely impressed with their boutique style agency approach, knowledge of my sub-specialty, personal attention and creative energy. Within a short time of signing with the firm I was featured in media outlets such as “Access Hollywood,” “In Touch Magazine,” “Las Vegas Review Journal,” and “Life & Style Magazine” to name but a few. I would highly recommend KMR Communications to medical doctors such as myself who enjoy a good reputation but need that extra edge to set them apart from the competition."

dr. shoib allan
Dr. Shoib Allan Myint
Myint Center for Eye and Facial Plastic Surgery, Las Vegas

Miami, Florida


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