At KMR, we are a decidedly boutique agency. Every account receives the utmost in personal attention from CEO Katherine Rothman and top management. We believe that every client deserves the utmost in personal attention. This can often be neglected at a larger firm when the CEO is not directly accessible. What’s more, KMR watches out for your bottom line. Products and services are besieged today with vendors offering SEO, Social Media, Gifting Suites, Ad remnants, Pay per Click, trade shows, e-mail lists, lead generation etc.
At KMR, we realize most of our clients do not have the budget to ‘do it all.’ Most need someone to help cut through the clutter of sales pitches. We help to guide our clients to the products, people, and services that will have the quickest impact on their bottom line. Through decades of experience in beauty, health and fitness PR, we know who and where to direct our clients to so that additional promotion dollars are maximized.


Reporters need all kinds of information on a company’s products or services, ranging from press releases, fact sheets and product brochures to photos and corporate backgrounder.
Our account teams assist clients in developing media kits that tell a company’s story in the most useful manner. Today, everything is shared electronically. Many clients prefer to have digital media kits.
KMR Communications can help to organize all of the necessary materials and create additional materials. Some brands still require physical information packets to distribute to potential investors or at trade shows.
Our public relations agency works to create whatever materials you need to communicate your message to a specific target.
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KMR Communications understands what makes something interesting to the media and how to weave in timely trends. That means developing different story angles for various publications, electronic media, TV or radio. Matching the message to the medium and shaping the pitch to sell the story is key.
Our PR clients appear regularly in newspapers, trade publications, health and beauty magazines, syndicated columns, online publications, radio, TV and high traffic YouTube segments. At KMR Communications, we are in touch with media on a daily basis. Since 1998, our public relations firm has positioned itself as a trusted resource for media to turn to for reliable sources, insights and quotes.
The media calls upon us when they are given urgent deadlines, knowing we can connect them to our clients quickly. KMR also proactively connects with media, offering up the products and experts we represent, in addition to linking our clients to news, trends, new studies and pop culture.


From grand openings and launch parties to announcing new products and web sites of all kinds, KMR Communications has helped introduce countless new products and services. We plant the seeds before launch, wave the flag on rollout and keep the heat on long after the initial flurry of publicity is over.
KMR Communications works to create a product launch PR schedule that covers pre-launch, launch and post-launch activities for a full calendar year and beyond. This allows the client to track each phase of the launch process. We work as a team to meet necessary deadlines and build buzz in advance with media so they eagerly anticipate the arrival of your new product.
After the product is launched, KMR Communications continues to link your product to relevant round-up features and shifts the positioning from “new product” to a product that provides solutions.


KMR Communications has a team of excellent writers who handle press releases, website copy updates, bios and bylined articles on behalf of our clients.
With more and more online magazines and high traffic blogs hungry for great content, we provide articles featuring our clients’ insights and expertise.
Our team understands what sparks a reporter’s interest, how to differentiate our clients from their competitors and how to craft a message to maximize placement opportunities.
The divine is in the details, and our content creation agency prides itself on producing copy with excellent grammar, punctuation that is easy to read and, most importantly, sharable online.


KMR Communications understands that daily management of social media platforms is quite an undertaking. Messages must be aligned, making your social media “voice” consistent as your story unfolds daily through shared information useful to followers.
KMR Communications creates a social media strategy that inspires engagement and establishes you as a credible brand or person in your space. If needed, we can manage your accounts as a designated administrator and take care of scheduling posts with appropriate content that is suitable and impactful.
To be effective on social media, there must be a special balance of general information, entertainment and brand promotion, plus a call to action. The goal is to create a steady flowing social media voice that is authentic.
As a firm, KMR boasts an outstanding social media following. Our Twitter account @kmrpr has over 100,000 of followers and continues to grow. Among other social media platforms, we use our Twitter to continue to spread our clients’ messages and media coverage.
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