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KMR Communications has made its niche in the healthcare industry since 1998. We provide doctors with strategic communication, consistent and quality media coverage throughout the duration of a PR campaign. By skillfully navigating press releases and media engagement, this approach not only addresses the pressing need for differentiation in the medical field but also captivates the audience, setting the stage for doctors to be recognized as leading voices in their specialties. We offer concierge and bespoke campaigns with an unparalleled level of knowledge and relationships with key media across a wide spectrum of platforms encompassing TV, online/web, radio, podcasts, influencers, and newspapers. Every KMR client receives the utmost personal attention from the CEO and senior management.

How Public Relations Helps Doctors in a Healthcare Organization

As a doctor, surviving in the modern medical field is a significant undertaking. Couple an oversaturated marketplace with a discretionary clientele base, and it’s easy to see why many fantastic doctors struggle to establish a brand for their medical services and practice.

Appearing on the “Today Show” or in the pages of “Vogue” will be far more impactful than singing your own praises in an advertisement. But you don’t need to be famous in your subspecialty to begin building your brand and medical practice. You simply need to partner with the right PR team. With over two decades of experience in the healthcare industry, we understand media relations and public affairs to help reach your target audience and boost your credibility.

What is Public Relations for Doctors?

Our specialized PR professionals work to build your name recognition and digital presence by craftily telling your story—a narrative aligned with your practice’s marketing needs and goals.

Over the years, a veteran medical PR firm will have established relationships with key media figures, both locally and nationally. By networking with the movers and shakers within the worlds of print, television, and digital, a PR firm can help medical professionals in five distinct ways:

Media Exposure Strategies:
Increasing media exposure for your medical practice involves booking guest appearances in various media outlets like magazines, social media, TV,  radio, or podcasts. This approach not only demonstrates your medical expertise but also allows you to utilize social media marketing strategies to reach a broader audience. Through these platforms, you can add color, clarity, or authority to subjects that touch upon your subspecialty, making you a go-to expert in your field. 

Leveraging Medical Press Releases
Leveraging medical press releases is essential for healthcare PR professionals looking to promote their private practice or subspecialty. This method involves crafting press releases related to popular events or significant developments in your practice, ensuring that potential patients are informed and engaged. By strategically distributing these releases, you can effectively reach a wider audience and highlight the key services and expertise of your medical practice.

Online Reputation Management
Managing your online reputation is a pivotal aspect of a public relations strategy. This media coverage allows you to educate the public, build your authority as a trustworthy expert and enhance your personal brand. Healthcare professionals can keep people informed about important health-related news, and start a dialogue around a health topic important to the general populace. This approach is crucial in attracting patients and building a strong rapport with the community.

Developing a Publicity Strategy
This involves defining clear objectives, understanding your brand, conducting market analysis, outlining key messages, selecting appropriate channels, and allocating resources effectively. Implementing this strategy requires creating compelling content, consistent audience engagement, media and influencer collaboration, and ongoing campaign evaluation.

Boosting Awareness through Medical Public Relations
In healthcare PR, pivotal strategies include media relations, digital engagement via social media, and community outreach. It’s important to build relationships with journalists and media outlets, actively engage on social media platforms, and involve community organizations and influencers in healthcare initiatives.

With a carefully planned campaign, you can build name recognition and establish your position as a top medical expert.

The KMR Difference: Your Partner in Medical PR and Marketing

When it comes to a PR partnership, you need to look for a team that specializes in medical marketing and medical PR, has decades of experience networking with esteemed media figures, and is well-versed with FDA guidelines on medical codes of ethics and conduct. Fortunately, you’re already here. At KMR, that’s exactly what we offer. We’re a boutique firm with a hands-on CEO and an extensive network of industry relations. Our connections stretch far beyond the media, and we work to align your medical practice with experts who support your growth initiatives.

Our healthcare PR agency has been quoted on the topic of doctors and public relations in the following: CBS New Sunday Morning, Physicians’ Financial News, PR Week, PR Healthcare NewsWire, Ocean Drive Magazine, The Palm Beach Post, and HealthNewsDigest.Com.

Today, we’re ready to spotlight your expertise through healthcare marketing. Want to start your own impactful Public Relations campaign to find patients?

"I engaged KMR Communications to perform public relations for my Las Vegas oculo-facial plastic surgery practice. I am Board Certified by the American Osteopathic Board of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery and a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. I completed my graduate studies at Columbia University in New York before attending medical school in Miami, Florida.

I was and am keenly aware that in order to remain competitive and take my practice to the next level that I needed to engage a NYC public relations firm with the media clout, connections, and creativity to help me achieve my goals. After doing extensive research on New York City public relations firms who maintained a niche in medical PR, I met with and joined the roster of KMR clients. It is a decision I have been delighted with.

I have been extremely impressed with their boutique style agency approach, knowledge of my sub-specialty, personal attention and creative energy. Within a short time of signing with the firm I was featured in media outlets such as “Access Hollywood,” “In Touch Magazine,” “Las Vegas Review Journal,” and “Life & Style Magazine” to name but a few. I would highly recommend KMR Communications to medical doctors such as myself who enjoy a good reputation but need that extra edge to set them apart from the competition."

dr. shoib allan
Dr. Shoib Allan Myint
Myint Center for Eye and Facial Plastic Surgery, Las Vegas

Miami, Florida


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