Just Like You, We Are Specialized

When it comes to Public Relations, KMR Communications is not a jack of all trades. We stay true to our well-honed and established niches of beauty PR, lifestyle, health, and fitness. Many PR firms are generalists. They do not specialize in any particular sectors and will represent clients as diverse as liquor, beauty, real estate, politics, celebrities, healthcare and beyond. KMR is selective, as you should be, making sure that a prospective client is the best fit for our expertise.

Editors Rely On Us

With over two decades in beauty, health and fitness PR, editors and producers have come to recognize KMR as one of their ultimate sources for these types of stories. They seek us out, and in turn, our clients benefit. Over a period of 20 plus years, we have perfected the art of establishing mutually beneficial relationships between journalists and our clients. As a result, our clients become go-to experts for the media in their field of specialty.

The CEO Is Hands-on And Accessible

When meeting or speaking with a prospective PR firm, the CEO is often present…at first. In larger firms, that individual in upper management may not be the one handling your account, unless you are their “big fish.” At KMR, every client is valuable and is given hands-on attention by CEO Katherine Rothman. Few agencies have the ability to offer an accessible CEO who can be reached by phone or e-mail in a timely fashion and is instrumental in the daily details of each account.

Client Status Reports and Communication

Many firms provide e-mail status reports to their clients only once a month, leaving you temporarily in the dark. At KMR, we believe you should be constantly in the loop. Every client receives detailed status reports once a week with professional clippings of their media coverage and comprehensive information about the scope of work performed each week. These materials are yours to further market your business. KMR teaches you how to implement secured media coverage to grow your organization or medical practice.

We Are Boutique

At KMR we only engage a finite number of clients at one time. This ensures that we provide the utmost in personal attention. We do not engage any prospective clients who are direct competition to existing clients in the same geographic area.

We have the knowledge of your industry

At KMR we only engage a finite number of clients at one time. This ensures that we provide the utmost in personal attention. We do not engage any prospective clients who are direct competition to existing clients in the same geographic area.

Our connections go beyond the media

KMR consults with clients on key objectives for their business and can connect them with the right people to move initiatives forward. We align you with expert people/companies. Examples include trade shows selection, web-developers, book publishers, product development, suppliers, SEO specialists, celebrity brokers, or any business development facet that can propel your business or practice.

We are Constantly Tuned In for Opportunities

KMR monitors social, cultural and field-specific trends and topics in order to provide timely and creative media hooks for our clients. As the client, the onus should not be on you to provide your PR firm with savvy ideas, that is the publicist’s job!

We Think Big On Smaller Budgets

The notion that only large corporations have the capacity to reap the rewards that Public Relations has to offer, is not true. KMR’s strategy and experience allows us to work with smaller budgets and still garner winning results. We have the ability to delineate a plan of action that will yield you the coverage and results you deserve without flashy, costly stunts and additional financial expenditures.


About Katherine Rothman

Katherine Rothman attended American University in Washington, D.C. and New York University, earning a B.A. in Communications. Shortly after graduation, she joined Sheila Feren Communications in Manhattan where the client roster included broadcast personalities and TV talk shows, as well as news magazines. Ms. Rothman was instrumental in procuring media coverage for clients, as well as acting as their spokesperson to the press. While there, she was responsible for coordinating movie screenings and premiers for the Hallmark Hall of Fame, as well as aligning her clients with high profile charitable organizations.
To further hone her PR skills, Ms. Rothman moved on to Susan Blond Group, Inc. with accounts such as Capital EMI Records, Janet Jackson, The Hard Rock Cafe and singer Carly Simon. After a period of time, she decided to leave the entertainment-oriented facet of public relations to shift gears to consumer public relations, which would include beauty, health, fitness and lifestyle clients.
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Katherine Rothman – CEO