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Our PR firm is at the center of fitness, health and wellness. With over 26 years of experience, we help brands in the health and fitness industry with PR and media coverage. The media is constantly seeking exercise advice and tips from professionals in the fitness space. With the rise of homeopathic and natural medicine, the media is interested in alternative approaches to foster better health and physical fitness.

KMR Communications understands what the media wants and provides the information they consistently seek on behalf of our clients. With over two decades in this niche of PR, the media recognizes KMR as their go-to resource for fitness, nutrition and health stories. Our team always monitors industry trends and works closely with your vision to launch unique campaigns to increase brand awareness, drive engagement, and provide an impactful media profile. .


KMR Communications, a health and fitness PR agency, helps professionals in the fitness and wellness space to establish themselves as leading experts by proactively having them featured in print, radio, social media, podcasts, television and online media through effective health PR strategies. Consulting with our fitness marketing agency exposes your brand visibility to a new world in the media, reaches a wider audience that is strategically targeted, and will bring results to your marketing and PR campaign.

Your fitness PR campaigns will be customized to suit your brand’s needs. From fitness trainers, athletes, CrossFit, sport and fitness accessories and apps, group fitness, training equipment, classes, spas, health clubs, and leading wellness associations, KMR Communications has worked on it all.

Our team and our tailored PR & marketing services secure top national press, establishing credibility and aligning your name and brand with top media outlets nationally.

Additionally, KMR Communications as a seasoned digital marketing agency, also understands the value of securing local press to drive new clients and keep you top of mind locally.

Regarding fitness and wellness public relations, KMR Communications weaves in current trends into our press releases and pitches to the media. KMR Communications also is in constant contact with media seeking comments and insights from professionals in the fitness space on a daily basis. It’s an incredibly popular, in demand topic category with the media.

If you want to expand your business or health & wellness brand, get your name searchable online, and want more visibility and attention for you and your practice, then connect with our fitness PR consultants. Contact us at 305 771-2425 to request a consultation to see what a fitness PR strategy can do for your practice and brand awareness.


Public relations is necessary in all industries and in particular, the fitness world when marketing your brand. If you own a fitness center, gym, or fitness studio, or are a personal trainer, get in touch today to discuss a health & fitness marketing strategy for your fitness brand!

"I enjoyed working directly with the KMR team; they are a very close knit working family and are truly informed on what is going on in the media world. The prep time they put into working one on one with their clients is undeniably elegant. For a small business starting out, KMR gives the white glove treatment into making you feel extraordinary. I would highly suggest putting your confidence into KMR, their boutique style and extreme organization is what you need to get the job complete."

George Fettig
Vice President of Marketing Bosley, Inc.

Miami, Florida


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