3 Engaging & Lead-Winning PR Campaign Ideas for Dermatologists

An effective PR campaign can be a powerful way for dermatology practices to grow brand recognition while connecting with target audiences. The best dermatology PR campaigns can also bring in new leads and clients, delivering an incredible return on investment (ROI).

So, what are the best dermatology PR campaign examples and ideas?

Let’s take a look. Below are some proven ideas and campaigns that can help dermatologists better leverage PR to expand their reach, authority, and client base.

1. Giveaways

Practically everyone loves getting something for free, which is why giveaways can generate a lot of attention, interest, and audience response. Giveaway campaigns for dermatologists can also be highly sharable, especially on social media.

Here are some best practices and ideas for dermatology giveaways:

  • To enter the giveaway, invite participants to “follow” your practice on social media — or to engage in other ways (e.g., by liking, commenting on, or sharing a post).
  • Run giveaways across multiple channels. In other words, promote them on your website, social media, and email to get the word out. You can also do mailers or media interviews if you’re giving away something major.
  • Use auto-fill options for any online forms to maximize entries (autofill can increase form completions by nearly 200%).

2. Seasonal Contests

Contests can be really fun and exciting, especially if participants have to create and submit something in order to enter. That could be anything from a product review or a picture to a story, a video, or other items.

Taking this to the next level, a terrific way to run contests for dermatology practices is by making them seasonally relevant. Here are some themes dermatologists can use for seasonal contests, which can generate lots of interest in their practice:

  • Winter and fall contests: Great seasonal themes can include back to school, the holidays, fresh starts, and de-stressing/relaxing.

  • Spring and summer contests: Spring cleaning, fun in the sun, and sun protection are just a few seasonal ideas for a spring or summer contest.

3. Email Campaigns

While giveaways and contests can be really fun and exciting, they are not as personal as email campaigns. In fact, well-crafted, thoughtful email campaigns can be extremely effective at generating interest and action. That’s because emails are waiting to connect with an audience in a private place they probably visit at least once a day — their inbox.

With email campaigns for dermatology practices, the sky’s the limit in terms of content, scheduling emails, and growing an email list. Here are some inspiring ideas for dermatology email campaigns:

  • Announce anything new: New staff, new offices, new services, and/or new products can all be highlighted in email campaigns. You can also announce new website features, like online booking, or other dermatology PR campaigns, like contests and giveaways.

  • Share anything of value: This could be insider tips, discounts, home remedies, or expert advice on how to do something. As long as you deliver value with your emails, you can use these campaigns to engage your audience.

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