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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Dermatology PR Firm

Growing your dermatology practice in today’s world can demand strategic messaging and brand management across several spaces. From print and radio to TV and the internet, the presence, reach, and connections your brand achieves can be critical to spotlighting your dermatology practice, distinguishing it from competitors, and reaching that next level of success. 

That’s where a dermatologist PR firm comes in. In fact, the right dermatology PR firm can handle every aspect of public and media relations for your practice, helping you amplify and protect your practice’s brand while positioning it for more new patients and bigger profits.

How exactly does that work and how do you find the right dermatology PR firm?

The answers to those questions (and more) are in this Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Dermatology PR Firm. This helpful Guide unpacks key details about what dermatologist PR firms do, how to hire them, and how much they generally cost. To get answers and expert advice related to your practice and needs, simply contact KMR Communications for an initial consultation.

What a Dermatologist PR Firm Does

Dermatology PR agencies generally manage the messaging about a practice that’s featured in the press and media. While different firms may provide their own unique services, typically a dermatologist PR firm will oversee things like (but not limited to):

Keep in mind this is a shortlist of the things dermatologist PR firms can do for you. The best dermatologist PR agencies, like KMR Communications, can do all of this and a lot more.

How to Hire a Dermatology PR Firm: 3 Tips

When you’re ready to partner with a dermatologist PR firm, it can be difficult to know where to start and what your best options are. Use these helpful tips to zero in on the best dermatology PR agency for your practice.

1. Set Goals & a Budget

What do you expect a dermatologist PR firm to do for you? Are you looking to put a new practice on the map, engage new audiences for an existing practice, or protect your brand during a crisis? And what’s your PR budget?

Goals and budget go hand-in-hand and should be the starting point for this process because they’ll help you hone in on the right types of dermatologist PR firms to start looking at.

2. Research Dermatology PR Firms

Once you know what to start looking for, it’s time to find and evaluate the options. Referrals and online searches are good places to start. As you do this research, check out things like (but not limited to):

Use this information to narrow down your options to the top 3 to 5 agencies before taking the next step.

3. Meet & Ask Good Questions

With your shortlist of dermatologist PR firms, it’s time to meet your top candidates and ask some key questions, including:

With these three steps, you can be highly effective in finding an experienced dermatologist PR firm to handle your practice’s media, press, and public relations needs.

How Much Does a Dermatology PR Firm Cost?

The cost of hiring a dermatologist PR firm depends on several factors. This can include (and is not exclusive to):

Find Out More from a Top Dermatology PR Firm: Contact KMR Communications

Discover what one of the nation’s best dermatologist PR firms can do for you by contacting KMR Communications. Since 1998, we have represented more dermatologists than most dermatology PR agencies in the U.S. Backed by a reputation for excellence, we have evolved with the industry, and we currently boast a proprietary list of nearly 5,000 top media contacts, bloggers, and influencers whom we proactively approach on behalf of our clients.

That’s why we are known as the best in the business and why dermatologists from across the U.S. trust KMR Communications when it’s time for exceptional public relations services from a top dermatology PR agency. If you want to reach new audiences while growing name recognition and prestige for your practice, let’s talk.

Call 305-771-2425 or contact us online for a consultation with one of the nation’s best dermatology pr firms.


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Style contributor Bobbie Thomas discusses with the hosts of Today Show the best beauty products for summer on her segment, ‘Bobbie’s Beauty Bag’. Beauty public relations firm KMR communications allocated air time for client Carol Cole Company and their FDA approved high-tech micro-current facial device NuFace, clinically proven to improve facial tone and contour.


World News Tonight with Peter Jennings features Dr. Randy Morris. Dr. Morris, a medical public relations client of KMR Communications, discusses stem cell donations. TV placements on ABC News and other leading media outlets are made possible with the help of public relations company, KMR. KMR Communications has relationships with influential editors, reporters and producers. To find more information on PR for doctors and physician marketing, please visit:


Why PR is Important for Healthcare and Doctors

The need for public relations in the medical industry is not a novel concept. Often, doctors, psychologists, practitioners, and other healthcare providers are far more concerned with their patients’ health and well-being to concern themselves with increasing name recognition. However, having one doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing the other. With the help of an experienced healthcare public relations firm specializing in medical PR, your medical practice can have the best of both worlds. Imagine a healthcare organization placing all of its energy and focus on patients while still being a top name in the healthcare industry. That vision is no fantasy; it is simply the reality of hiring a specialized public relations firm like KMR for your healthcare practice. We secure top-tier national and local press, which establishes your name with prestigious media outlets on a national level.

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Perception Matters

Modern healthcare requires positive client/provider relationships, and in order to establish a positive connection with your patients, they have to be able to trust you. Reputation is one of the foundational elements of establishing trust, and a doctor PR firm specializing in healthcare management can ensure your reputation is well managed. Whether you are aware of it or not, you and your practice have a reputation. With the right healthcare PR agency, you can ensure that your practice’s reputation is well managed and properly cared for.

Typically, reputation is thought of as being word of mouth, but digital advertising, and positive online reviews have a significant impact on who people think you are. Who patients say you are, and who perspective patients believe you are, matters a great deal for your medical practice. The main reason why PR is crucial for health care professionals and doctors is so your perceived reputation matches the incredible work you are doing inside the office. It is not your job to worry about how you are being perceived, but rather to foster the relationships you already have. As a medical professional, you need to focus on building your relationship from the inside, treating your patients with care and dignity. The external reputation of your practice should be left to a PR professional with public relations expertise. We work to secure your medica coverage for your practice in the press, both on the national and local level, without the need to worry about our ability to communicate the right message.  We have over two decades of experience in this industry, giving us a solid understanding of how to communicate medical terminology and explain the procedures and treatments your business specializes in so that your target audience can understand it.

The Need For Outreach

A thriving business is an expanding business, and your practice deserves all the success it can handle. Whether you are looking to expand your patient base or grow your practice, there is no expansion without proactivity.  A great PR firm, especially one that specializes in healthcare communications and media relations, can assist in facets of outreach. Outreach is a staple of healthcare PR and using the intimate knowledge of your profession, as well as current practices, KMR can help you reach a more significant client base. Expansion is a natural part of growing a business but it begins with tailored and poignant outreach to prospective patients specific to your practice’s needs. Establishing your business in local press outlets will give you a leg up on competitors and establish yourself as the top in your category, locally or nationally.

Attracting the Best Staff

PR isn’t just important for interfacing with your patients. A well managed public relations campaign will also help you attract the best and brightest talent in your field. A thriving healthcare practice should be a well oiled, cohesive machine. There is no substitute for exceptional staff. The result of a positive reputation so impressive that it acts as a gravitational force within your field only comes from hiring a professional medical PR firm who understands your business’s intricacies and the healthcare industry.

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Dealing with Bad Press

It only takes one bad review from a disgruntled client to unravel all of the hard work you and your practice do. A professional healthcare PR agency is not just a force of positive outreach and growth; it is also your first line of defense against public attack and crisis. PR firms like KMR fully understand that quelling a PR affront is not something you or your colleagues have time for. As a result, having a PR firm in your corner is necessary for your medical practice. Throughout the years of running your own healthcare practice there will be plenty of scenarios that involve attacks on the integrity and credibility of your practice and the content of your character. Don’t allow the negativity of an unfounded claim to take any additional time or energy away from your duty as a medical expert. Instead, hire a healthcare public relations firm who can, and will, ensure that you come out of every altercation unscathed with your practice intact.

A medical PR firm specializing in healthcare is crucial for medical practices and medical professionals alike. The nuanced tact of a professional PR firm will not only be a positive voice for your practice; it will also be your defense against unfounded attack and crisis. As a healthcare professional, your job is to provide the best possible care to your clients, and at KMR, that’s our job too. Your practice is founded on trust and high-quality care, and so is ours.  We understand that your greatest desire is to help your patients, keeping them healthy, safe, and thriving. In the same manner, KMR is here to treat you the way you would treat a patient, as we keep your business and its reputation healthy, in the public eye and thriving. With over two decades of experience in this industry, you will be in excellent hands. Trust us with relaying your practice’s message and expertise to the media. We will secure media coverage best suited to your needs, whether that is on a national or local level. We will garner top-tier national press for your practice on a consistent basis using the most respected media outlets. Talk to the experts today about a healthcare PR campaign. 

Don’t Tell Me, Show Me!

How to Choose the Right PR Agency

Many business owners and professionals such as the dermatologists, psychologists, plastic surgeons, and internists that KMR represents, often have a hard time when they first seek public relations for their medical practice. They know that to take a business to the next level, they need public relations as a cost-effective way to promote their medical practice. How does one choose a top PR firm? What should a public relations firm show you to prove that they grasp your practice and sub-specialty, understand your audience, and have the media connections to achieve the results you desire?  Can they prove they have done so with previous clients in your sector?

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What should Public Relations firms show you prior to signing with them?

KMR Communications Founder and CEO, Katherine Rothman, says the first thing a client should look at is the PR  firm’s website. “You can search through PR firms on the internet until you are blue in the face, but are the websites you are sifting through showing you anything of value? Or is it all ambiguous talking points about strategy and media outreach peppered with pretty images?  

The Website

Rothman, who became a pioneer in the field of medical public relations in the mid-90s, explains that many public relations agencies have beautiful sites that are meager in the information category. “A good public relations firm will use its site to give their prospective clients information that better equips them to make an educated decision. From the site, a potential client should be able to gather how long the firm has been in business, what types of clients the firm specializes in, or is the firm a “come one, come all” type. Is it a boutique  or a large firm where you will be the small fish in the pond because the company is repping large pharmaceutical companies who can pay three times your retainer fee?”

Many public relations firm's websites lack information about their former clients or campaign highlights and case studies for clients in your specialty or similar fields. Rothman says this may be a “clue that they don’t know your industry as much as a specialized firm does. Doctors know their specialty is very nuanced, and a firm that isn’t skilled in those complexities is a roadblock to optimal results. 

Case Studies and Sample Press Clippings

Once you’ve found a few firms that impressed you with their site, you will most likely fill out contact forms. When you make contact with a representative of a public relations firm, you want to see that they have the experience you need to get results you deserve. The best way for a firm to showcase this for you is through sample press clippings, case studies of former clients and examples of press releases. Many big firms will send a general case study. They may not have vast experience with your specialty whether you are a fitness trainer looking for media placements and reviews, a beauty brand trying to get your product on a “best of” list, or an OBGYN looking for publicity. A specialized public relations agency should be able to provide case studies and media highlights for people within your specialty, giving you confidence that your business is not new territory. This will allow you to see the type of media coverage this firm is capable of achieving for you and the volume of placements you can expect. It will also provide a window into the knowledge the firm has about the stories pertinent to your practice and expertise.  The firm should also be able to provide a proposal specifically for you which is an overall outline of the strategy that will be implemented in the first six months of a campaign. This proposal should include examples of target media outlets across radio, television, internet, magazines and newspapers. 

Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are an excellent way to gauge how a public relations firm has performed in the past. Reviews and testimonials show you the support of those who have been represented by that firm. Usually, reviews are found on the google listing for the company, the company’s website, and in case  studies showcasing a particular campaign. Client testimonials also give you a chance to see the caliber of clientele the firm has represented. If you have ever coveted a competitor’s press coverage, and that the firm was responsible for it, they might be a wise choice for you, provided they no longer represent the competitor. A firm should not have conflicts of interest among clients.  

Press Releases and other materials

You want to get a sense that the firm you are considering knows how to spin your business and expertise into a plethora of angles and topics to entice the media. Writing samples from previous campaigns will also give you a great sense of the range of styles the firm can use for pitching. “Sample releases, expert profiles, and client bios can help you see the understanding this firm has of your specific attributes and needs,” says Rothman. A firm that is trying to earn your trust and your business should be able to provide you with a clear idea of what outlets they are going to pitch you to, and the type of stories that will launch your campaign.

Honesty and Realistic Analysis

If a firm tells you they can get you on “The Doctors” or Dr. Oz within a week  of signing the contract, they are very possibly lying to you to get you to sign on the dotted line.  While this is a more outlandish claim, prospective clients should be wary of promises that sound too good to be true, especially if the firm making the promises has no proof that they have had similar success before. A firm that is honest with you will talk over the challenges of breaking through to the media to become a well-known expert and promote your business. They will analyze your site and profile with the media to transparently set expectations for the first few months of service. An honest PR firm will give you strategies and help you define your goals based on priority helping you understand what the action plan is if you choose to come on board with them. 

Honesty also means finding a baseline in terms of the client’s involvement in the account. “At KMR Communications, we represent everyone from plastic surgeons who are performing surgery most of the day  to therapists who have back to back patients scheduled to trainers who are running around New York from gym to gym giving classes. It is important for the firm and the prospective client to be clear about the expert’s availability and what the firm can do to accommodate the client’s schedule without compromising the quality of the results,” says Rothman whose public relations firm has offices in New York and Miami. 

Detailed Contract

Once you’ve identified a public relations firm that has passed the test, you can ask the CEO or business representative to send you a contract. “Typically, the prospective client will give the firm a start date, and the firm will provide them with a contract that includes a fee, a description of services, cancellation policies, and everything else for which both parties are accountable. The client will take the contract, read it over, and respond to the firm that, pending review of the firm’s references, the contract is agreeable.  Do not expect a PR contract to include promises or guarantees of specific media outlets or place a number on the amount of media placements that will be obtained. While this may seem strange to those not in the PR world, PR is not like advertising and it is impossible to guarantee the quantity and exact press coverage that will result. 


Finally, the last piece of the puzzle when hiring a PR agency. A company that does not have references may be subpar. However, clients must remember that references cannot be exhausted, this is why reputable firms will release references after a prospective client has reviewed the contract and given an indication that their signature and start of service is pending only the verification of the references. 

About KMR Communications: 

KMR Communications is a public relations firm in New York City and Miami, Florida. It was established in 1998 by founder and CEO, Katherine M. Rothman. The agency specializes in medical PR, Beauty PR, Fitness PR, and Lifestyle PR

Still not sure how to choose a PR agency? Contact our PR firm in NYC to learn more about the importance of public relations to an organization and the type of PR strategy you will need to grow your business and reach your target audience. 

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The Importance of Public Relations

It seems like no matter what industry you are in, competition keeps challenging the sustainability and growth of a business. From big cities like New York, Los Angeles and Miami to smaller markets across the U.S., whether your business is a startup fitness company with its own smartphone app in Silicon Valley or a dermatology practice in Chicago, the challenge to be seen and heard is incrementally becoming more difficult. Today’s marketplace is saturated with strategic communication tools and platforms to pitch yourself to potential clients. However, paid media and social media campaigns are often cost-prohibitive. Enter Public Relations:  The most cost-efficient and credible way to promote one’s medical practice or business. 

Public relations is earning online, print, radio or TV coverage on a media outlet’s platforms with no money changing hands between you and that outlet.  Public relations is the way you enter through the media’s door. As a small business owner, or private practice physician it may seem farfetched to you that your name may appear in an article in U.S. News & World Report or The New York Times, but this is a completely attainable goal with the right PR firm behind you. 

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Cost-Effective Compared To Other Methods Of Marketing Your Business

For a private practice dermatologist who wants to promote his/her expertise, it may be surreal to think of his/her name in an article for U.S. News and World Report, or a media staple like but these are attainable features that we secure for our clients consistently.  It would cost the same dermatologist three times the amount of money to buy sponsored content in similar outlets to reach the equivalent audience via social media advertising or traditional advertising.  In PR, there is no money changing hands. The client is paying the PR firm to amplify your brand, expertise, and key messages in order to build your profile with the media and target customers more directly. This translates to increases in sales, and less costs to get you there. 

Reach Potential Clients and Patients  Through Content They Want To Read

In advertising, the messaging has only one direction, from you to the audience. Today, people are so blase about ads that they don’t see the services advertised as worthy of their attention. With the right public relations campaign, the messaging and expertise you have is carried to the client through content that they care about, by writers/reports they trust. This allows you to impress readers and viewers directly in a more impactful way. You are also bypassing insurmountable ad fees, and engaging potential customers by answering their questions and giving advice that they are actively seeking. Being featured in top tier media outlets gives you cache and trust that no amount of advertising can achieve. What’s more, when content is posted online, it is shareable via social media, thus enhancing your overall online presence. 

Link Building with SEO

Search engine optimization is a technique used to help Google understand your site, and bring traffic over to your online headquarters by ranking you for specific searches. While public relations is not a substitute for a full-service search optimization agency, there are overlaps in our services that can help your ranking on google and bring about more traffic to your site. The main benefit P.R. can offer on the SEO front is strong link building. When a smaller site begins to garner a steady stream of quality link-backs from high authority sites, like the outlets our PR experts work work with on a daily basis, Google begins to see that site as “high authority” as well. This slowly but surely increases google search visibility and can complement any ongoing SEO strategy you may have in place. 

Social Proof and Consumer Trust

Studies show that consumers will often choose a business with a media section on their website over one that has no media coverage, Consumers also tend to distrust brands and businesses with negative press coverage over those featured positively in the media. Public relations can help heighten the credibility of your business across news channels helping curate a trustworthy and well-known brand that entices potential clients to use your services or products over competitors who have no coverage.

Community Outreach and Partnerships 

PR gives you the opportunity to partner with local businesses and build relationships within the community. Not only will this support local business owners, it will establish trust and credibility amongst community members and will help expand your brand visibility. Partnering with influencers can also help you connect with your target audience more directly, while increasing brand awareness and engagement.

A Subtle Yet Effective Means of Promotion

Whereas advertisements are a rat race to have the longest, loudest spots on television or social media, public relations thrives in subtlety. Audiences can become skeptical about the lawyer screaming at them from inside the T.V. or the realtor with his face on the bus bench. However, reading an expert’s take on a trending topic on a well-respected print, newspaper or online magazine drives trust and helps increase the credibility of that expert. Media coverage is also a strategic means to support the ongoing marketing of your business, no matter what your industry is. Press placements are a calling card for new and established customers alike, but it is so subtle in nature that it never occurs to the general public that the media coverage came about because there was a PR firm behind it. That is part of the magic of public relations. 

About KMR Communications: 

KMR Communications is a public relations firm in New York City and Miami, Florida. It was established in 1998 by founder and CEO, Katherine M. Rothman. The agency specializes in medical PR, Beauty PR, Fitness PR, and Lifestyle PR

Ready to increase your brand awareness? Contact our PR firm in NYC to learn more about the importance of public relations to an organization. 

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If You’re A Dermatologist, Don’t Make These PR Mistakes.

As a Dermatologist, partnering with a PR firm is unfamiliar territory. You’ve realized the value it brings to your practice and is looking to hire a firm that will reach as many potential patients as possible. But before retaining, you didn’t know the importance of your role in the partnership and how an agency does its job. Just like PR professionals don’t know how to inject fillers, a dermatologist doesn’t know how to navigate the world of PR. Even with the best intentions, perspectives can clash in a rush to see results, and soon enough, both parties are just trying to keep the relationship afloat. Make sure you’re optimizing your relationship with your PR firm and avoid making these common PR mistakes.

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Don't hire a PR firm that doesn't specialize in medical PR.

Your relationship and trust in your PR firm are essential to the success of earning media coverage for your practice. Most importantly, you want the PR firm to be an extension of your practice. If the firm has no experience with dermatology or medicine, it would be like going to the pediatrician for a colonoscopy. Boutique firms that specialize in medical PR understand the business of medicine, what your competition is doing, the medical terminology, what stories the media is seeking, and most of all, have the connections with the editors and producers responsible for health and beauty stories. The last thing you should be doing is giving your PR firm a crash course in the sub-specialty of dermatology PR

Do not ask or expect your PR firm to only promote one area of your practice, such as lasers or Botox. 

A PR firm knows your practice wants results. Their job as PR professionals is to pitch you as an expert source in as many possible topics of interest to the media. Almost all dermatology practice offers laser and Botox. Do you want to be like every other dermatology practice? There is not a Botox or laser story written in the media every day. You need to be open to discussing everything from acne, fat-melting techniques, how to combat oily skin, the worst skincare mistakes women make, etc. The PR firm needs to present you and your practice as a one-stop source for all things related to skincare. If you limit yourself to only two or three topics, you will vastly reduce the consistency of your media coverage.

Promoting all areas of your practice and expertise increases your credibility, trustworthiness, and reliability in your community. Remember, the patient who walks in your door because they saw you quoted in an article on cystic acne, can turn into next week’s Botox or filler patient. Statistics show earned media coverage has an effect on consumers choosing your service or product over your competitor's. The point is- you got them to come in via media coverage.

Don't engage a PR firm if you are not able to meet tight media deadlines and be proactive with your PR partner. 

Meeting media deadlines are one of the most crucial aspects of the PR and media world. The news cycle is non-stop, so when your PR firm needs you to work with them for a prestigious outlet on a tight deadline, your timing matters. A great opportunity could draw significant attention to you and get your practice the exposure you desire. If you wait too long or miss the deadline, your article will get cut, resulting in losing the placement opportunity. If you give the media “good soundbites” and become a reliable source, they will keep returning to your PR firm seeking you out.  Deciding to engage a PR firm does involve some involvement on your part and being proactive with your PR firm. The media does not wait for anyone- they will simply find another source! 

Do not expect PR to be a winning lotto ticket- it is a marathon not a sprint 

One of the most common mistakes after hiring a PR firm is expecting results right away, or too soon. You've been with the agency for a month, but you're frustrated you haven't seen ROI.  The first 30 days of partnering consists of the firm getting to know you as a client, curating media lists, monitoring media searches, and contacting media personnel on your behalf. Magazines often work on upcoming issues months in advance, so you might not see the story you answered in July until December. If you don't stay with your firm because you don't see quick results, you may be losing out on some of the more prestigious placements. 

The most prominent media outlets, such as The New York Times, tend to require the most effort and patience. That one strategic pitch that took weeks of communications between an editor and publicist could land you the more prominent placement with more visibility than two or three lower quality features. Your prospective patients will be able to distinguish the quality of your placements over the quantity.  If you have certain dermatologists you aspire to be in terms of name recognition, remember these notables did not become “stars” overnight. Most of them have been in the “PR game” for years. 

Do not hire a PR firm if you do not have a website. 

In today's world, consumers are more likely to trust the dermatologist quoted in an article or seen on a trusted TV news outlet than the one they saw in an ad. Being able to use the media coverage you've earned to market your practice will push you ahead of your competitors and gain clients. This becomes a “non-event” if your practice has no website to showcase any of your media coverage. When patients perpetually see your name in “high authority” websites, they're going to google you, find you online, or articles will hyperlink to you.  The more backlinks you have from top tier media coverage, this will organically enhance your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Without having that online presence, the media coverage gets lost in thin air.  Also, a dermatologist without a website looks completely antiquated and lacking in transparency. So hire the best PR firm you can afford to market the heck out of your practice.

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Five Reasons Why Dermatologists Need Public Relations

There are an estimated 9,600 working dermatologists and 7,800 practices in the US today. Dermatology is among one of the most popular sub-specialties of medicine. Cosmetic Dermatology is lucrative because the services are elective and not covered by insurance. Dermatologists who perform cosmetic procedures are not just competing among themselves. They face rivals in the fields of plastic surgery, med-spas, internists, and even gynecologists and dentists who seek to cash in on fillers and Botox.

In the ever-growing media landscape, dermatologists need public relations to get ahead of the curve and empower their reputation especially in geographic areas of heavy saturation such as Manhattan, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, San Diego, and others.

Here are 5 reasons why it is imperative that dermatologists engage a well qualified public relations firm to solidify their reputation with the media, and in turn, potential patients.

1. Stand Out From the Competition.

Are you frustrated with seeing your competition frequently featured in the media? Most likely, its thanks to good PR. Public relations is the perfect tool to tackle your competitors, tell your story, build your reputation, and engage with consumers. What will set you apart from the rest is a public relations strategy that is effectively carried out by you and your PR firm. Public relations personnel have access to top media contacts and can seamlessly target your audience and spread your expert insight. Skilled publicists know the angels to pitch the media, and how to create stories that are consumer-friendly. As a physician, this is not something you have the time or skill to do on your own. While finding a firm that is right for you might sound stressful, it is crucial to the success of your practice.

2. Publicity + Fame = the ability to command top dollar in your market  

Garnering impressive press coverage can make you a “star” in your area if not the country. The late Dr. Fredric Brandt became so famous that he was nicknamed, “The Baron of Botox.” Dermatologists who have made a name for themselves in the media are attractive to affluent, prospective patients and this affects the perceived value of your service. Your reputation within your area as a leading expert solidifies your practice as more credible than others. Why would a prospective patient seek out a dermatologist who is advertising (tooting his/her own horn) as opposed to the one featured on a TV Show like Dr. Oz or a website such as 

3. Respect From Your Peers

Press coverage will earn you respect not only in your community but also fellow peers. Establishing yourself as an expert in the media helps to attract the most qualified employees to your practice. It can make you a desired speaker at Academic Meetings, and allow you to be a paid spokesperson for a skincare company or new aesthetic device. 

4. Enhancement of SEO

Thanks to Google and other large search engines, an online search is going through an impressive transformation. The constantly changing algorithms determined by rankings and user traffic are refining how search engine optimization (SEO) can boost a dermatologist's public image. Now more than ever, dermatologists need to reevaluate their SEO strategy and turn to public relations. 

PR coverage makes an additional impact on your practice by working with journalists on creating consumer-friendly content.  An online article that features a dermatologist is likely to be picked up by another outlet, continuing circulation and getting viewed by millions of readers. Most reporters and journalists who quote dermatologists are happy to provide a hyperlink to your website in the article, directing potential patients to your site.  The more online media coverage a dermatologist has, the likelihood of SEO bumping your name to the top is higher. Also, online media coverage is shareable via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. When a prospective patient Googles your practice and sees dozens of top tier media placements featuring you, they are likely convinced that you are the dermatologist of choice before ever setting foot in your office. 

5. Ability to Use Media Coverage In Ongoing Marketing of Your Practice

In today’s world, more and more readers can distinguish paid versus “earned media,” especially in the medical field. Consumers are more likely to trust the derm being interviewed on a trusted news outlet than one they saw in an ad. Now that magazines and newspapers have moved to digital distribution, articles stay online and populate in Google searches. You can use all of your press coverage to market your practice on your website or social media. Consumers are more inclined to choose you, the dermatologist with more media coverage.  Media coverage can be displayed on your website, waiting room portfolio, and announced through e-mails to your patient base.