5 Highly Effective Dermatology PR Strategies to Target a Niche Audience

Spray-and-pray marketing is not the best way for dermatologists to get noticed and stand out in today’s noisy world. In fact, the best dermatology PR strategies tend to involve specific targeting to niche segments of an audience.


There are a few reasons:

  • Different people notice and want different things.
  • The same messaging doesn’t land in the same way with different demographics
  • Niche targeting is a powerful way to deliver the right message via the right channels to a specific group of people.

To level-up your dermatology PR game and make better connections with an audience, here are some proven tactics for targeting and engaging niche segments.

1. Define Your Audience

A clear understanding of subgroups that make up your audience is key to knowing who they really are, where to find them, how to reach out, and how to design different dermatology PR campaigns. To get started defining niche segments of an audience:

  • Focus on your practice’s current client base: Look at each service and product you offer and analyze what type of client is most likely to want that offering. For example, younger segments may be more interested in acne solutions while middle-aged to older segments may be focused on aging or skin cancer concerns.

  • Create client ‘personas’: For each segment, create a persona with a name, an occupation, and an income, as well as wants, needs, desires, and motivations. This can help you think about each segment in more concrete terms.

2. Figure Out Where Your Audience Is

Once you have a defined picture of your audience segments, the next step is to figure out where your audience is and where they get their information. Keep in mind these general rules of thumb:

  • TikTok and Instagram users tend to be younger, and younger demographics view these platforms as trendsetting.

  • Although Facebook (now called “Meta”) is popular among various demographics, middle-aged to older demographics are most apt to use this platform over any other social network.

  • YouTube and email are viable channels for various demographics; however, the video and email content that different demographics look for and engage with can be vastly different.

3. Craft the Right Message

This means use the right language and select the right medium for your message. In other words, when you’re crafting dermatology PR campaigns and messaging for specific segments of your audience, be mindful of:

  • The type of content that’s most engaging to a specific segment
  • The language, what you’re announcing, and what you’re offering that segment
  • The days and times that you’re distributing your message
  • How you want that group to view your brand

4. Monitor Engagement & Try New Things

Finding the best ways to connect with different subgroups of an audience can require trial and error. In fact, no matter how successful you think a campaign will be, there’s simply no way to know for sure until you get some real-world data.

So, monitor your segmented campaigns and give new things a try to see what works best. This can be an effective way to refine your dermatologist PR efforts while:

  • Keeping things fresh and interesting for your audience
  • Setting yourself apart from competitors, especially the ones who continue to push out the same tired campaigns with the easy-to-ignore spray-and-pray method

5. Partner with a Top Dermatology PR Firm

Clearly, there’s a lot that goes into crafting dermatology PR and marketing campaigns that will get traction with the right audience. By partnering with an experienced dermatology PR firm, dermatologists can take the guess work out of their marketing and PR efforts. And they can leverage the skills, connections, and resources of PR experts to drive better results and maximize their ROIs.

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