Content Marketing vs. Thought Leadership for Dermatologists

Brand awareness can arise from various efforts and strategies, and coordinating them all to drive optimal results often requires savvy PR strategies and plans. Part of that can include content marketing and thought leadership. 

As different as these dermatology PR strategies are, content marketing and thought leadership can be two sides of the same coin, working together to:

  • Attract target audiences
  • Create a unique voice for brands
  • Lend more credibility, authority, and visibility to dermatologists 
  • Set a dermatology practice apart from and above its competitors 

To understand how that works, here’s a closer look at the differences between content marketing and thought leadership.

4 Ways Content Marketing & Thought Leadership Differ

Some key differences between content marketing and thought leadership lie in their: 

  1. Basic purpose: While content marketing is generally focused on creating connections and fostering relationships by providing value, thought leadership is more about starting or joining a conversation to gain authority or spotlight some issue.
  2. Content and style: Content market typically shares information that answers questions, provides tips or hacks, explains some how-to’s, or addresses concerns or misconceptions. Consequently, content marketing pieces are usually conversational in tone. On the other hand, thought leadership pieces generally share data, metrics, research, and novel findings. To that end, thought leadership pieces tend to have a more academic tone, with more formal language.
  3. Publication: Content marketing assets tend to be items like blogs and social media posts, which “live” on company websites or social media pages, which the company owns or has control over. In contrast, thought leadership pieces are usually put out by media outlets, industry magazines, and other third-party publications. That means thought leadership pieces can have wider audiences and specific publication guidelines to meet.
  4. Location in the sales funnel: Thought leadership is typically higher up in the sales funnel, focusing on broader concepts or innovations that apply more widely across the dermatology practice or health care in general. Alternatively, content marketing is lower in the sales funnel, with more targeted information geared towards someone who is already somewhat familiar with dermatology products and/or services. That could mean content marketing pieces focus on topics like “Home Acne Treatments,” “Best Skin Care Products,” or “Summer Skin Care Tips,” for example.

These are not the only differences between content marketing and thought leadership, but they begin to highlight how each of these strategies differs — and how each may have their own unique advantages for specific dermatology PR campaigns and objectives. 

Content Marketing or Thought Leadership for My Dermatology PR Plan?

Ultimately, the answer to this question will depend on how you answer some other questions, including (but not limited to): 

  • What message are you trying to get out?
  • Who are you trying to reach?
  • What’s the overall objective?

While content marketing or thought leadership may enhance your dermatologist PR plan, leveraging both — possibly with some other dermatology PR strategies — could be a far more effective way to achieve your goals.

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