7 Simple, Highly Effective Strategies to Step Up Your Dermatology PR Efforts

Creating a buzz for your dermatology practice does NOT have to be a back-breaking effort. There are several simple things dermatologists and their staff can do to start getting their brands noticed, recognized, and talked about more — and some of these strategies can have far-reaching benefits outside of successful dermatology PR campaigns. 

Whether you’re launching a new practice or you’re looking to achieve next-level growth in the months ahead, here are some straightforward dermatology PR strategies that you can easily incorporate into your short-term and long-term campaigns. These strategies can be scaled up or down as your practice evolves, and they work for nearly any aspect of a dermatology practice.

Simple Dermatology PR Strategy #1: Get to know influencers.

Influencers can call your brand out to all new audiences, giving you instant credibility and tons of great exposure. For dermatologists, some of the best influencers to connect with can be: 

  • Beauticians
  • Health and wellness experts
  • Mommy bloggers 
  • Photographers

Also, with influencer marketing for dermatologists, it’s typically best to stick with visual platforms where visuals like before-and-after photos can quickly grab attention and go viral.

Simple Dermatology PR Strategy #2: Throw a party.

Holiday parties, customer appreciation events, and product launches are just a few of the events you could host to generate some good PR for your dermatology practice. 

Whether you choose to do an invitation-only event or open up your party to the public, it’s a great idea to pair this strategy with #5 and #7 below (at the very least).

Simple Dermatology PR Strategy #3: Speak at an event. 

While industry events can be a great place to start, speaking engagements doesn’t have to be that formal. Wellness events, virtual gatherings, light media interviews, and even social gatherings (like networking cocktail hours) can offer opportunities to speak about an issue related to your practice and, in doing so, bring more awareness to your practice.

Simple Dermatology PR Strategy #4: Give back.

Getting involved in charity isn’t just a great way to give back to your community. It can also be an excellent strategy for associating a brand with positive causes. 

Plus, there are so many ways to give back, from sponsoring local sports teams to donating funds, running a holiday toy drive, hosting a 5k event, or hosting annual charity auctions. 

Simple Dermatology PR Strategy #5: Put out a press release.

Writing a formal press release to distribute online can blast your message across hundreds or even thousands of channels in seconds. While that alone can mean more exposure for whatever the focus of your PR campaign is, it can also provide some SEO benefits, like the possibility of better rankings for certain keywords and/or more traffic to your site.

Simple Dermatology PR Strategy #6: Pitch a story.

The media is ALWAYS looking for good stories, and dermatology can provide plenty of options for quality topics that aren’t salesy — and that are interesting (and that you can provide expert opinions on). 

For example, think sun cancer prevention tips in the summer or good (versus not-so-good) products to use for certain skin conditions. If you pitch the idea to a handful of outlets (or more), you’re sure to get picked up if the idea’s good enough.

Simple Dermatology PR Strategy #7: Go social.

Be active on social media, especially Instagram and Facebook (if you’re serious about targeting younger audience segments, it’s smart to consider TikTok too). Post regularly and keep the posts fresh. Many people ONLY get their news and brand information from social media. So, if you’re not active there, you could be creating a negative image for your brand without even realizing it.

Get More Dermatology PR Strategies

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