4 Dermatology Marketing Tactics for New Product, Service & Location Launches

The success of a new product, service, or location for your dermatology practice can rest, in part, on how you promote it and what PR strategies you rely on in the early days. 

From online campaigns to offline media, marketing, and more, there’s a lot to factor in — and getting your ducks in a row in terms of your dermatologist PR strategy can get everything going on the right foot, setting your launches up for success from day one. 

To that end, here are some effective dermatology PR strategies to consider for your next launch.

Tactic #1: Competitor Mapping

Are any of your competitors already offering the products and/or services you’re launching? Are those available in the same city where you’re opening a new practice?

The idea is to zero in on any potential competitors and:

  1. Identify what’s already working for them
  2. Highlight what’s missing or not working for the competition — These can be your opportunities to showcase what makes your dermatology practice a better alternative.
  3. Discover new insights about your target clients and their needs or pain points related to a specific product, service, and/or area of service 

This strategy can be incredibly empowering early on, ideally as you’re developing your initial campaigns to announce new products, services, and/or locations. It can also be very useful to do periodically after the launch to keep an eye on what competitors are doing, so you can stay on the cutting edge.

Tactic #2: Influencer Marketing

Create a buzz fast by connecting with popular influencers and engaging them to help you get your message out. Depending on what your launch entails, it could make sense to partner with influencers like (but not exclusive to):

  • Wellness experts
  • Makeup artists
  • Fashion influencers
  • Local celebrities

These sand other influencers can help you amplify your messaging and reach, both as you roll out your new offering and after.

Tactic #3: Content Marketing 

Press releases, social media posts, blogs, and more can all be published online to announce your new product, service, or location. In fact, with content marketing as part of your dermatology PR launch strategy, you can: 

  • Reach new audiences in different online spaces
  • Roll out a combination of written content, images, and videos to showcase your message
  • Leverage SEO to refine your PR efforts while continuing to build authority for your brand

Similar to competitive mapping and influencer marketing, content marketing can be done as a lead up to your launch, as well as periodically after it to continue highlighting the benefits and/or features of your new offering. 

Tactic #4: Media Appearances 

Beyond research, influencers, and content, media appearances can be another powerful way to the word out about a new offering — and to connect with and engage your target audience to share your message. With media appearances, it’s important to keep in mind that: 

  • There may be opportunities to appear on filmed shows, as well as podcasts.
  • You can pair media appearances with your other dermatologist PR strategies, ideally announcing appearances on social media, on websites, and in other areas.
  • It can be easier to land media appearances when you already know reporters — or when your PR professional does.

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