5 Insider PR Tips to Help Dermatologists Shine in Media Interviews

5 Insider PR Tips to Help Dermatologists Shine in Media Interviews

Media interviews can be an excellent way for dermatologists to showcase their expertise and their practice in front of massive new audiences. Whether those interviews happen on podcasts, radio, TV, or for print materials, a little preparation — and the tips below — can help any dermatologist remain professional and confident.

5 Vital Strategies for Dermatologist Media Interviews

If you’re asked for an interview by any journalist or media contact, here are the most important things to remember, do, and say. With these tips and strategies, you can nail any media interview, present your dermatology practice in the best light, and potentially develop better relationships with media professionals.

1. Ask about the topic and interview upfront.

When you receive a request for an interview, make sure to find out what the interview will be about. As you do, it’s also smart to inquire about:

  • How long the interview will last
  • Whether there will be other dermatologists or medical professionals featured in the interview
  • Whether it’s possible to get the interview questions upfront
  • Whether you need to or can bring anything with you (like products, marketing materials, etc.)

The more you know about the interview, the better you can prepare for it. Ideally, you should have some talking points ready to go, so you’re not stumbling when questioned during the interview. It’s also important to think about and know what you should not say before going into an interview.

2. Dress professionally.

Look the part if you’ll be televised, video-ed, or photographed as part of the interview. Stay away from garish prints or colors and keep your outfit conservative.

If you’ll be giving a video interview from your home, make sure to choose a professional background in a quiet area of your home where you won’t be disturbed.

3. Take your lead from the interviewer.

Media professionals usually know what they’re looking for when they’re interviewing people, and many will have done their research ahead of time to make sure they get what they need from the interview.

So, let them take the lead and ask their questions. Share your answers with a helpful explanation but avoid rambling or going off on tangents. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification about anything if you need to. That could help you avoid looking foolish if you misunderstand a question.

4. Maintain eye contact.

This is critical in filmed interviews because it can make the difference in whether you appear professional, attentive, and serious. All of that can give you more credibility and make you appear more authoritative when you’re answering the interviewer.

Alternatively, if you’re looking around or your eyes wander off when you’re answering questions, you can give off the impression that you don’t want to be there, you don’t know what you’re talking about, or you don’t really care about the topic at hand.

5. Get some expert help, so you can make the most out of the interview.

There are unique ways to prepare for distinct types of media interviews — and depending on the subject, the media outlet, and their audience, one successful interview could put your dermatology practice in an amazing new spotlight.

With an experienced dermatology PR firm, you can get the coaching, connections, guidance, and expertise you need to ace any media interview — and to position your practice for more media exposure and greater growth in the future.

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