The Ultimate Social Media Guide for Dermatologists

Dermatology practices can’t ignore social media these days. In fact, from Instagram and Twitter to Facebook, LinkedIn, and beyond, there are endless opportunities for dermatologists to connect, engage, and expand their influence via social networks.

So, what are the best social media platforms for dermatologists?

And how can a dermatology practice leverage social media marketing to truly stand out and get noticed?

This guide will answer those questions and more, sharing insider tips and strategies for dermatology social media marketing.

What Are the Best Social Media Networks for Dermatologists?

The best social media for a dermatology practice will be any platform that lets dermatologists get in front of and reach their target audience(s). Depending on the practice, those target audiences could include prospective and existing clients, as well as product suppliers, media contacts, competitors, and/or others.

Consequently, some of the best social media for dermatologists include:

  • Instagram: Showcase pictures and videos of your products, services, staff, clients, and/or major events. Instagram’s visuals can be inviting, opening up a virtual door so that people can get to know your practice and stay connected with its latest offerings.

  • Facebook: Most people look to Facebook when they’re getting to know a business, especially when they’re looking for information and reviews. So, having an up-to-date, engaging Facebook page for your dermatology practice is a must if you want to be taken seriously by prospective clients (and others).  

  • Twitter: Answer questions, post insights, or share your latest specials via Twitter. This platform is also a great place to share links for blogs, videos, and other marketing content for your dermatology practice.

  • LinkedIn: To grow your industry and media connections, it’s smart to maintain a LinkedIn profile for your dermatology practice. This can be an excellent place for outreach and professional networking, especially if you’re interested in getting involved in other opportunities, like podcasts, media interviews, conventions, speaking opportunities, and/or tradeshows.

Social Media Marketing for Dermatologists: 7 Essential Tips & Strategies

Maximize the return on investment (ROI) for your social media marketing — and make social media work for your dermatology practice — with these proven strategies:

  1. Create a posting schedule you can stick to: Figure out how frequently you want to post and what day(s) and time(s) are ideal for posting on different networks. Then, create a quarterly plan that’s realistic and that you can evaluate (and recalibrate) in a few months.

  2. Keep it fresh: Change up the topics, pictures, content, and format of your posts. For example, you can ask questions, run contests, share hacks, and comment on stories in the news.

  3. Provide value: The only reason people will look at and keep checking out your posts is if they provide some kind of value. That can come in the form of entertainment, education, money-saving offers, and more. So, if you don’t know what to post, just ask yourself, what will provide value to my target audience? for some inspiration.

  4. Experiment: Don’t be afraid to try something new. Whether that’s trying out new posts or dabbling in an up-and-coming social network, innovating on social media can uncover new opportunities for exposure and engagement.

  5. Grow your connections: Actively reach out to make new connections and expand your followers on social media. Consider joining industry groups or starting your own group to widen your networks as much as possible.

  6. Respond to reviews and comments: When people post about your dermatology practice or comment on your posts, responding to them can add a new distinctive touch to your online voice and brand. Whether others’ posts are positive or negative, they can provide an opportunity to show that your practice cares and is highly responsive. That can send a powerful message to anyone who reads your response in the future.  

  7. Hire a dermatology PR firm: If you don’t have time to manage social media marketing and other key aspects of dermatology PR, partner with pros who can take charge and handle this for you.

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