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Beauty & Skincare

At KMR Communications, Beauty PR was one of the very first industries we began working in. After 20 plus years of success within the industry, it became apparent that our work really made a difference for our clients. That’s why today Beauty is one of our core offerings at all of our PR offices, including our Miami PR firm. Since the beauty industry is so competitive, we know how important it is to stand apart from your competitor. Unlike other PR firms, our agency takes a personalized approach to help all beauty brands stand out from the crowd.

For those that are looking to break free from the traditional mold and pave a new way for their business, our Miami team is here to guide you. Our team has created top connections within the industry over the years, helping to give each of our clients the competitive advantage they need to succeed in this fast-paced and ever-changing industry.

Health & Fitness

There’s nothing more important than investing in your health. With today’s changing landscape, people everywhere are starting to see the importance of establishing a healthy and active lifestyle. Not only are more studios and gyms opening, but people young and old are starting to prioritize their health more than ever. While this is great for our society as a whole, it’s also a massive advantage for companies within these industries.

If you own a fitness studio or health clinic, it is imperative that you are doing everything you can to rise above in your overcrowded industry. At KMR Communications, we have extensive experience working with clients within the health and fitness industries and have established connections in major cities across the United States, including Miami, Florida. In order to propel your business forward, you have to be sure that you are establishing strong brand awareness within your community. KMR Communications is here to help you do just that with health and fitness PR.


Medical & Healthcare PR

Your team of medical professionals may have extensive knowledge in their fields of work, but may be lacking when it comes to marketing and PR strategies to leverage your name recognition. Let your team focus on what matters most, and let us handle your company’s image. At KMR Communications, we have worked with a wide variety of companies within the medical field, helping them build a positive brand image, highlight their successes, and ultimately attract a wider audience through medical PR

Miami is no stranger to the medical industry. In fact, the city offers some of the best clinics in the entire United States. Whether you specialize in dermatology, plastic surgery, psychology, or cosmetic dentistry, our PR company in Miami, Florida can help your company establish a strong and positive reputation within your competitive industry.


Whether you are a nutritionist, a longevity specialist, or a registered dietician, our lifestyle PR firm Miami office can help you with all your public relations needs. For the past 20 years, we have been getting our lifestyle brands in some of the top lifestyle publications and media outlets at a national level. At KMR, we know how to highlight relevant topics and current trends in all of our media pitches and press releases. If you are looking for a public relations firm in Miami that understands the changing and evolving landscape of the lifestyle industry, KMR is your answer. We’ve worked with everything from start-up to luxury brands on reputation management, influencer media coverage and campaigns, brand awareness, and more. If you are ready to adopt a strategic approach to your PR strategy, our publicists are ready to help.

Why You Need a PR Firm In Miami

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In today’s day in age, competition is fierce among all industries, making it increasingly more difficult to reach your target audience and convert them into customers. If your current marketing strategy does not include a public relations campaign, you are missing out on a massive opportunity for increasing brand awareness. If this sounds like your company, our strategic communications can help.

At KMR Communications,we strategically place you in front of your target demographic. Unlike other agencies, we take a personalized approach on all of our PR efforts for each client, that way you can always stand out in your industry. Whether you need help leveraging your name, or are looking to promote a product, our team will help build the best reputation possible for your company. To see how our PR efforts can take your brand to the next level, contact our team of professionals today.

Our Boutique-Style Approach to PR

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Meet the CEO – Katherine Rothman

KMR was founded by our very own Katherine Rothman.  After years of experience across many agencies, Katherine decided to start her own PR company that specialized in the niches of health, beauty, and fitness PR.  She believes establishing close-nit, personal relationships with her clients.  Unlike most CEOs, Katherine dedicated herself to involving herself in each and every client.