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KMR & Your Business

Today’s 24/7 mobile culture makes it easy for people to access information instantly. There is more information out there leading people to sift through a very cluttered mix of information sources. While there are more platforms to cover your brand and/or business grabbing and keeping attention is more challenging.
Attention spans are even shorter; information is on constant steady stream as people seek solutions to their problems right from the palm of their hand. Smartphones make it easy for people to search for expert tips and insights, products and services. People are more in control of the news and information they are getting, and they want it quickly and succinctly. Content is king, and how articles, press releases, and product descriptions are served up has evolved!
KMR Communications adapts to the changing way people want information and serves up the kind of content that helps you to get known. From social media-friendly content and expertly written articles to product publicity, roundups, and massive blogger campaigns, our PR agency understands the need for a fast turnaround. The web has made the ability to go from concept to media placement much quicker. Editors, bloggers, and producers are interacting with us via text, email and social media seeking expert sources such as dermatologists, beauty products, fitness trainers, cosmetic dentists, psychologists, plastic surgeons, nutritionists, hair stylists, make-up artists and more. Deadlines are quicker, and KMR spots the opportunities to get your business attention!

What Can KMR Do For You?

What we do…

For many businesses, achieving success means spending time and resources on increasing market share, introducing new products and expanding retail outlets. But in the process, companies often neglect one of their most valuable assets: their brand. KMR Communications has launched and/or sustained brands for many of the world’s best-known companies.
Our expert team will help you to identify and connect with influencers and key audiences, establish nontraditional communications channels to target an increasingly elusive consumer, apply strategic marketing techniques to increase perceived value and build brand equity.
Our communications specialists have expertise in areas that matter, such as digital research, social networking and word of mouth. We’ll break through the clutter and noise to deliver the right brand message to the right audience, every time.

Television Exposure!

We package stories with our clients by calling upon experts, magazine editors and KMR staff to offer producers compelling news and trend pieces.

Newspaper & Online Coverage!

A famous designer once said, “My client in the Mid-West doesn’t read GQ, but he picks up The Chicago Tribune every morning.”
Our PR agency offers the media stories relevant to their communities while giving them news that is timely and linked to celebrity buzz. Since most people today get their news from the web, we make sure to work with news sources whose content is fed via newswire to further the reach.
Blogs and online magazines are an overwhelmingly popular form of consumer media. Web-based media outlets such as blogs and beauty websites have changed the editorial climate. Over 50,000,000 blogs exist now, and the blogosphere is doubling about once every six and a half months. On average, there are 1.6 million postings per day, which is about 18.6 posts per second. Bloggers have proven to be a diverse group of men and women from all over the world. They range from former editors and journalists to stay-at-home parents and professionals. One thing they all have in common is an obsession with beauty, grooming, fashion, and lifestyle.
Blogs are now an integral part of public relations and marketing communications. So much that we have a dedicated person on staff who oversees and outreaches to the bloggers daily. From celebrity blogs to beauty and fashion blogs, we’ve got them covered.

Who We Are…

We are organized!! KMR Public Relations sets and sticks to deadlines. A great agency won’t make you ask about the status of a deliverable. We’ll communicate along the way.
We understand what the media wants! With 20 years of experience working in beauty PR, health and lifestyle media, KMR has built strong contacts with top-tier media outlets and influencers.
***Clients benefit from the firm’s proprietary media database of over 300,000 media contacts, cultivated over the company’s 20 years of media experience.
We are genuine partners. A great agency will feel like an extension of your team. We will have a clear understanding of your objectives and will go the extra mile to get you there because success is shared. A big win for you is a big win for us.
We care about the details. Our clients receive e-mail recaps, briefings, and weekly status reports. We also provide product trackers for clients promoting a product.
We are a smart trend, spotters! At KMR Communications, our team monitors the news for relevant trends that we can attach your brand, service or expertise to. Being able to jump on timely trends and be a trusted resource to media seeking insights and comments is key to delivering results.
We are proactive. KMR is always in touch with media, asking what they are covering and offering up topics their audience would be interested in plus the credible experts or relevant products that are a suitable fit.
We value trust, integrity, and communication. Ultimately, great PR agency relationships are based on trust. We are the frontline storytellers for you, and our clients always have final approval on any material we share with media. We collaborate with our clients. Together, we consider the details and goals of your business and get your story in front of the press.

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