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Beauty PR

Beauty is synonymous with KMR, like public relations is with LA. With so much breathtaking scenery and so many gorgeous people, it should come as no surprise that the beauty industry thrives on the west coast. As is the case with every thriving industry, the need for top tier beauty PR representation in the beauty industry is an absolute must.  For those hoping to break the mold out west, KMR is the public relations agency for the job. KMR has a long-standing history of revolutionizing how public relations plays an integral role in the beauty industry. It should also come as no surprise that we are once again influencing how public relations positively impacts this ever-expanding market. 

For more than two decades, KMR has solidified a reputation, both domestically and abroad, for ensuring that KMR clients are viewed as elite players in the beauty industry. It may be cliche, but a great PR firm knows that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Our specialized connection to the beauty industry means that we know precisely how to make your beauty company an attractive asset to clients and consumers. Whether you need assistance with product launches, a new campaign, or generating buzz and awareness around your brand, we know how to make your beauty products stand out to your taregt audience. In an industry obsessed with pretty things, KMR will make you beautiful.

Lifestyle PR

he term “Lifestyle Brand” has become an umbrella term that many modern companies are squeezed into. However, KMR knows that your lifestyle company is devoted to a defined form of clientoriented wellness that requires specificity and nuance. For over twenty years, KMR has been placing our lifestyle clients into top publications and other forms of high efficacy press to ensure greater exposure and unprecedented name recognition and prestige.  

The rise of influencer marketing and the allure of social media makes it seem like anyone can promote a lifestyle brand, but the reality is that you need a lifestyle PR firm now more than ever. The lifestyle market is saturated with a cacophony of lifestyle companies and you need a voice that can speak up. KMR is not just loud enough to be heard, we also have the ears of the right audience. KMR knows that your voice is perfect for your brand; we are simply the megaphone that makes you impossible to ignore. Get in touch to learn more about lifestyle public relations in Los Angeles.

Medical PR

Ask any LA resident and they will tell you that image is everything. We know that your medical practice is a preeminent example of medical professionalism, but we also know that the way you present yourself matters. For medical professionals who specialize in cosmetic dentistry, dermatology

, internal medicine, psychiatry, and plastic surgery

the constant challenge to remain relevant can be daunting. Finding a balance between maintaining your high caliber reputation while trying to adhere to a specific outward image with a marketing and PR campaign that speak to a wide audience can be hard.

With KMR, your image is our priority.  Consider us the cosmetic professionals to keep your business looking like the most attractive option for new and returning patients. At KMR Communications, we have spent the past two plus decades working with medical professionals and fine-tuning our medical PR techniques to comply with FDA guidelines. Our team of publicists knows how to construct  a brand strategy and cater to your specific goals and objectives, all while adhering to a specific code of ethics and conduct that are befitting of your practice.

Health & Fitness PR

LA’s Best Performing Fitness PR Firm 

In the past decade, health has become an active choice rather than a passive lifestyle byproduct. The Health industry has broken out of traditional environments like doctor’s offices and pharmacies and transformed into consumerfriendly stores and clientfacing offerings. In today’s health-conscious social climate, health food stores are common, and nutritionists are sought out with the same fervor as primary physicians. Especially on the west coast, there is a constant clamoring for the next great health and wellness trend, and KMR can ensure that your serviceoriented offering is met with the public enthusiasm it deserves.

The health industry is peaking and you need to ensure that your company, products, and services are receiving the kind of positive brand awareness that will grow your business. For the company dedicated to health in all it’s consumable forms, KMR is the health PR agency with the intimate knowledge and experience to keep you at the top of your field. 

Fitness is one of the world’s fastestgrowing industries, and KMR is here to help your new gym, boutique studio online fitness program, or personal training brand break onto the scene in a big way. Especially in a cultural environment like LA, the necessity to look good and keep fit makes your gym or fitness studio an important commodity. 

KMR can take your gym from a casual afterwork hobby to a thriving fitness mecca that is sought out rather than overlooked. Our modern fitness PR communications and techniques uses every form of social media available to us and is tailored to your gym or studio offerings. KMR has over two decades of experience with health and fitness and our intimate knowledge of the personal wellness industry allows our team of publicists to identify and attract your optimal clientele.   

Growing your business through good press, constant exposure, and a detailed plan of action allows us to turn your gym or studio into a recognizable brand. In the modern age, a fitness studio is as much an abstract entity as it is a physical space, and KMR can ensure that your brand in its entirety can thrive and grow to reach its maximum potential.

Why Use a Boutique PR Agency?

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The beauty and cosmetics industry is massive, generating approximately $445 billion annually. The connection between the beauty, fitness, wellness, medical and lifestyle industries is tight-knit and often involves many of the same key players. The clientfacing aspect of these industries creates a market that is constantly inundated with new brands, saturated with new products, and fiercely competitive for new companies hoping to break through.

For new brands to be successful, especially those focused on beauty, establishing and maintaining a strong social presence is vital. Precise measures like propper media coverage, brand awareness, and social outreach are all lifestyle PR necessities that provide the kind of public support and third-party credibility that no form of advertising can achieve.

KMR’s unique content creation is used as a method of building brand anticipation around your products and services. With the help of KMR, your brand will receive the necessary media attention needed to stoke a public reaction and achieve the desired goals and results.

Boutique Style with Big Connections

The intimate and tactful approach to PR

Our CEO- Katherine Rothman

KMR was founded by our very own Katherine Rothman. After years of experience across many agencies, Katherine decided to start her own PR company that specialized in the niches of health, beauty, and fitness PR. She believes establishing close-nit, personal relationships with her clients. Unlike most CEOs, Katherine dedicated herself to involving herself in each and every client.