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Beauty PR

The beauty industry was where it all started for KMR Communications. You can say it’s one of the things we do best. For the past two decades, our beauty PR NYC team has been revolutionizing public relations in the beauty industry all over the world. Whether your brand is looking to launch a new product, put out a new campaign, or are trying to make a splash in international waters, our beauty PR New York team of strategic thinkers is here to help guide you every step of the way and reach your goals through public relations.

Health PR

The health industry is becoming more and more of a trending topic in today’s society. From emerging workout plans to the secret to longevity, it seems as if everyone is becoming more interested in their health and wellness as a whole. With this newfound rise in popularity, there has been a wave of emerging fitness companies, wellness products, and natural medicines ready to cater to the escalating demand. KMR understands what the media is looking for when highlighting these innovative advancements in the health industry. At our public relations company, we know how to adapt each and every strategy to fit with your company’s unique needs and reach your audience.


Medical PR

The KMR team has been helping a variety of medical professionals excel in their industry through our customized PR campaigns. From cosmetic dentists to plastic surgeons, we know how to adapt our strategies to cater to your specific practice objectives. At KMR Communications, our team of publicists has spent the past two decades working with medical professionals and fine-tuning our PR techniques to adhere to FDA guidelines and code of ethics and conduct.

Lifestyle PR

Whether you are a nutritionist, a longevity specialist, or a registered dietician, our lifestyle PR firm NYC office can help you with all your public relations needs. For the past 20 years, we have been getting our lifestyle brands in some of the top lifestyle publications and media outlets at a national level. At KMR, we know how to highlight relevant topics and current trends in all of our media pitches and press releases. If you are looking for a public relations firm in NYC that understands the changing and evolving landscape of the lifestyle industry, KMR is your answer. We’ve worked with everything from start-up to luxury brands on reputation management, influencer media coverage and campaigns, brand awareness, and more. If you are ready to adopt a strategic approach to your PR strategy, our publicists are ready to help.

Fitness PR

NYC’s Best Performing Fitness PR Firm |

Are you an up-and-coming fitness studio looking to get your name out in New York City and grow? If so, KMR Communications can help. Our public relations agency in NYC has been working with companies within the fitness industry for years and knows exactly what it takes to get your name out there. We use the latest strategies like influencer marketing, television, radio, social media, and other online platforms for an all-encompassing public relations approach. If you are looking to strengthen your branding, create online relations, and build brand awareness, our experienced boutique PR agency in NYC will be able to lead you to success.

Why Use a Beauty PR Agency?

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The beauty and cosmetics industry is massive, generating approximately $445 billion annually. As a market constantly inundated with new products, it is also fiercely competitive.

For any beauty brand to successfully establish and maintain a presence, proper media coverage is vital to lend it the necessary support and third-party credibility that no form of advertising can achieve.

Creating unique content and anticipation around your products and services will garner the necessary media attention that ultimately drives results.

Our Boutique-Style Approach to PR

How we set ourselves apart from other Firms

Meet the CEO – Katherine Rothman

Katherine Rothman attended American University in Washington, D.C. and New York University, earning a B.A. in Communications. Shortly after graduation, she joined Sheila Feren Communications in Manhattan where the client roster included broadcast personalities and TV talk shows, as well as news magazines. Ms. Rothman was instrumental in procuring media coverage for clients, as well as acting as their spokesperson to the press. While there, she was responsible for coordinating movie screenings and premieres for the Hallmark Hall of Fame, as well as aligning her clients with high profile charitable organizations.

To further hone her PR skills, Ms. Rothman moved on to Susan Blond Group, Inc. with accounts such as Capital EMI Records, Janet Jackson, The Hard Rock Cafe and singer Carly Simon. After a period of time, she decided to shift gears to consumer public relations, which would include beauty, health, fitness and lifestyle clients. She perfected her skills in this sector as Senior Vice President of Amanda Uhry Public Relations, where she was responsible for implementing creative public relations campaigns for a client list that tripled within 18 months of Ms. Rothman’s arrival at the firm.

After years of perfecting her skills in the health, beauty and fitness sector and realizing additional successes, Katherine started her own Manhattan-based public relations firm, KMR Communications. Her goal is to remain fully committed to these specialized niches of health, beauty and fitness PR all while providing the utmost personal attention to each individual client. To ensure this, the company is, and will remain a boutique agency, with Ms. Rothman personally involved with each account.

In its first year, KMR Communications was named one of the top 50 health PR firms in the United States. Recently, KMR was cited as one of the top three beauty PR firms in the nation by the respected public relations trade resource, Ms. Rothman was the only public relations professional selected to speak at the 11th Annual International Society of Hair Restoration meeting. Katherine has also lectured at The Greater New York Physician’s Expo, as well as the Medi-Spa Expo in New York City.

The story does not end here. Katherine has appeared on CBS Sunday Morning, CNN, Fox and has been quoted and featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, among several others. The National Register named Katherine on their Who’s Who list of executives and professionals, and Fempreneur Magazine selected her as one of its top 30 female entrepreneurs in the nation. Our New York PR firm is ready to discuss media relations and campaigns with you.

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